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America’s Preferred FREE E-waste Recycler

Recycling E-waste for over 15 years

Free Drop Off During Business Hours

Free Drop Off During Business Hours at

1001 Vine Street

Liverpool, NY 13090

Free pick up and shipping on truckloads from Businesses and Colleges

Goals and Commitment

The goal of Bruin Recycling is to take unusable computers, monitors, cell phones, and other outdated electronics and ensure that none of the hazardous material ends up in a landfill. All of the end-of-life electronics we collect are recycled, reused and reduced to minimal safe waste.







IT Asset Management and Sales

If you possess or manage computer equipment that is resalable, Bruin Recycling will dismantle, remove and prepare it for resale. Bruin will offer the best price to your company for it’s re-marketable electronics. If your items are unsellable, Bruin Recycling will absorb all costs and responsibly scrap the materials at no cost to you.  We arrange all sales and shipping so there is no cost to your company.